www.cvedetails.com – Data Based Security Site

I recently made a small contribution to http://www.cvedetails.com/.

If you are in the IT  Security field and ever need to analyze CVE data or search for security issues on a certain product or Vendor, this is a great site to use. This is one of the few sites that are purely focused on security data and details that can be used to do objective security research.

I would encourage anyone else out there that finds this site useful to make a contribution. If your company could use their data or services I would encourage you to become a corporate sponsor.

We need more of these types of sites that are working to improve transparency and availability of IT Security related data.

3 thoughts on “www.cvedetails.com – Data Based Security Site

  1. Hello,

    do you know what’s up with cvedetails.com ?

    sent an email to the owner but did not get a reply.

    that site is outdated since 2019 , but it’s giving a false impression that it contains recent data from cve website. i know there are several tools using cvedetails.com

    you being mentioned on that site, so maybe you know something….

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