Need CPE’s to maintain your Cert? Volunteer!


Attention CISSP’s — ISC2 allows you to volunteer doing computer security work for a charitable, Government or public organization and count those hours towards your CPE’s. ( Disclaimer, I am a CISSP, but I am not employed by ISC2)

Most certifications require that you maintain some type of continuing education so that your knowledge does not become stale in the area of your certification. These are typically called CPE’s. (Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits)

Reading publications is great, and the importance of research and understanding new trends and technology should not be downplayed.  However,  knowledge without application and plans without execution are worth very little. This is why I recommend that you get out there and use your knowledge to make the world a better place.  VOLUNTEER!

Some Volunteering Ideas. For more ideas vist this Charity Navigator Site.

  • -Local Police or Fire Dept.
  • -Local Schools
  • CASA

Update: Oh yeah, thanks to @martiniblue for pointing out to make sure to document your CPE’s. I happened to get an audit request for my CPE’s yesterday. Just part of the process!

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